The little swimmers

Whelp. I knew everything was too good to be true. We got the DNA fragmentation results and it is really bad. They like to see a number lower than 15 and we are at 53!! So what does this mean for us? Well my husband has to take 12 pills a day to improve the quality. They like to wait two months but for the study we have to start in one month. The nurse said that by the time my husband has to give his deposit we will be at almost two months so it will be okay. I hope she is right. On the plus side I’ve been training for a half marathon in March and I just might get to run it. We were supposed to start ivf in February but oh well. What’s another month when you’ve been waiting for years!?

He is taking two medications, a naturally smart vitamin for men and Qunol CoQ10. These meds are so pricey. The smart vitamin can only purchased from an online company and it came out to $90ish dollars for a one month supply. I bought the Qunol at Walmart and it was $30ish. I’m hoping these really help.

So what’s the big deal about DNA Fragmentation? Well, from what I’ve been told it is the quality of the sperm. The sperm can still fertilize an egg but it won’t grow so that’s the main issue. I had one IUI that was a semi success and I’m wondering if this was the issue? Basically my HCG was so low like 10 or something and it raised only to 130-150 and then stopped. It was so early that the pregnancy terminated on its own. Super devastating.

I wish we knew all this when we were doing IUI. Maybe then we could have addressed it and started taking steps to fix it earlier. So many lessons learned with all this fertility stuff. That’s all I have today. Say a prayer these meds work for us!

Qualification Time

Of course I started my period on a holiday. That’s how Mother Nature works right!? So because of that I was not able to have my required testing done with the start of my period. I did get to go in for my hys… ummmm…. that procedure where they stick a camera up your vag and take a look at your tubes and uterus… yeah that thing and he said I was textbook perfect! Take that infertility!

Before that procedure I had about 5 tubes of blood drawn and following the procedure I got to pee in a cup for a pregnancy check (study policy). Next up was getting fully undressed so he could listen to my lungs and check my breasts for any lumps followed by whatever check they do on your stomach. All was good… then I got a sonogram to see what my ovaries were up to. More good news… I make my own damn follicles!!! This is so exciting because if I don’t end up getting the medication I still have a shot at IVF working.

While I was doing all of these things my husband was doing a sperm analysis. Ladies, you are amazing and you need to hear that. I’m convinced my husband has the easiest job in the world. While I’m being poked and prodded all over my body he has one simple ass job. Jerk it into a cup. He would argue that it’s not that easy but honestly, the majority of crap is being done to us.

On to our sperm analysis… we quit drinking alcohol a few months ago to get ready. I figured since nothing has worked so far we should go all in and quit the booze. He didn’t have great numbers before… his progressive was very low and he wasn’t even in the normal range. Onto this analysis… NORMAL!! We aren’t off the charts but we are better than before.

I have some more testing to do with the start of my next period but if it all checks out then we are good to proceed with the IVF study and will start in February! I don’t want to get my hopes up but damn hope is all I have. Say a prayer for me!

Free IVF

Hello! If you’ve stumbled upon my blog let me start by saying welcome! I know the name is a little crazy but honestly, that’s what is going on. Some super top secret IVF. I have another blog but all my family and friends read it and this time my husband and I have decided to keep our treatment private. That created a semi problem because blogging helps me cope with everything going on so here we are.

Some background: my husband and I have been married for 11 years, and trying to conceive for about 5. We’ve been going to the doctor and all that but last year things got serious with a real fertility clinic. We are diagnosed with male factor infertility. We went through 4 IUIs, one was successful but ended in early miscarriage. That was IUI #3. I was so confident #4 would work since we almost had it on 3 but no dice. After that we needed a serious break to get some of our life back and regroup.

Recently we decided to head back to the doctor to discuss options. As luck would have it we were offered FREE IVF! Holy crap, can you believe it!? I certainly could not. Basically, our doctors office is working with a pharmaceutical company that is trying to get the FDA to pass a new IVF medication. There is a catch…. you could be the patient receiving the real medication or the placebo (fake meds) and you will have no idea because throughout the entire cycle you can’t find out how it’s going or even see the sonogram screen. The plus side is even if the first IVF cycle doesn’t work you get to try again for free and with the real medication. If that one doesn’t work you can do it again… for an entire year until you become pregnant or time expires. This study requires a lot of doctors appointments so I wanted to get my works blessing before signing up. I’m not going to lie… I was a little hesitant and paranoid that it was too good to be true. My husband and I read the entire contract, I got my works blessing, and here we are.

I have some testing to update before I can actually start the IVF cycle. This testing, of course, has to be timed with my period (which just started, oh yay!) and if that all checks out I’m signed up for a February start. I think my biggest concern is the swelling from injections. Which could be totally minimal if I get the placebo and have no reaction. With all my IUI cycles I had jumbo follicles and a lot of them. I’m cautiously optimistic that this is going to work. When I found out about the study I consulted Google (shocking) and also looked for blogs from anyone that has done a clinical trial. I didn’t find a whole lot on the blog side so I figured I could give it a go.

Thanks for reading! Say a prayer that my testing goes great and I will update when I find something out. ❤️