So I had a follow up appointment yesterday to check my lining. I was almost at an 8 but most importantly I had the three layers. The nurse told me that they aren’t really concerned with your lining reaching a certain number but they do want to see three layers. That was comforting. IVF feels like it is always about the numbers.

They decreased my estradiol pills to 2 per day and added in the dreaded progesterone in oil injections. They have me injecting in my upper buttocks area… well, my husband. So far I’ve done all my own injections for IVF. I am pretty controlling so it makes me feel better. This is just too awkward of a spot for me to inject alone.

He has been begging to inject me this whole time and now he finally gets his shot or rather I get his shot. Lol. He did well. It took him a minute to get the courage and stick the damn needle in but he did it. That’s all that matters. It wasn’t bad but after my ass got immediately sore. I am anxious to see what I feel like in the morning.

My transfer is set up for Monday afternoon and then a pregnancy test 9 days later. I’m ready to get this cycle completed. My clinic said no exercising, sex, or anything that can raise your core temperature until after the first pregnancy test. I plan to be really good and try to take it very easy. I want to give my body the best chance for this to work.

Anyone have injection tips? Or first FET success stories?


Status Update

Our 10th little embryo survived! We officially have 10 chances for success!

My period started on the 8th of July. I had to start birth control again. I hate birth control. Hate it. I feel terrible while taking it. Luckily, once I returned to the doctor for my baseline and practice transfer I was able to stop.

Everything went really well with the fake transfer and my baseline showed a thin lining so ready to start phase 2. I’ve been taking 3 pills every evening to thicken my lining and I go back to the doctor on the 30th. If all goes well then we are looking at the 5th of August for my transfer.

Right now I am really focused on self care. Eliminating things that make me feel down (certain people or clothes that don’t fit anymore). I cleaned out my entire closet bc let’s be real, after all this shit my body has definitely changed. I’ve been running a lot and trying to get my body in good shape again. Plus it makes me feel good. Today I am going to get my eyebrows waxed for the first time in forever and then a pedicure. I’ve been so focused on doctors appointments and the magical calendar that I have let myself go a bit. I am ready to feel good again. I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! ❤️

Retrieval Day 5

We made it!! 9 are ready for freezing and one is being held over until tomorrow. She said it was an early blast but good quality! Here is what we have:

6 showed normal signs of fertilization and the grades are, 2 AB, 2 BB, 1 AC, 1 BC.

3 showed abnormal signs of fertilization and the grades are 2 AA, 1 AB.

She offered genetic testing for the 3 abnormal but honestly with the cost being about $2k we chose not to do it. I feel like we have a good shot with the 6 normal and then possibly the one that is being frozen tomorrow. Now I just need to start my period so we can get the next part started! 🤗

Retrieval Day 3

The lab called super early today with our update. All 8 are going strong! She said they are all 10 cells. Plus the other two are dividing also! One of them is 6 cells and the other is 10 cells. I don’t want to get my hopes up but I’m pretty excited about it all.

In other news, TMI warning, I pooped! Hahaha. I had to have some help from milk or magnesia but it finally happened. If you want to use this product I will caution you to be patient, drink it along with lots of water and then wait. Do not be impatient and take more than directed or you will be sorry! Speaking from personal experience. I am bound by the walls of my home today and I’m not even sure I can venture out. I took the first dose last night then woke up today around 3am with nothing happening so I decided to take more. It wasn’t very long after the second dose when all hell broke lose. It is not pleasant or pretty and I don’t recommend it. 🤪

Retrieval Day 1

I feel 100% better already. I am still having some dark spotting and have yet to poop. Hahaha. I’ve read that’s a side effect but didn’t think I would have any issues. I was wrong. 😳

The lab called with our first update. They injected 10 eggs and 8 fertilized. Woo hoo! She said that they predict half will make it to the end. That means possibly 4 embryos! I would be thrilled with that. I am just so, so grateful to make it this far. Because of my age she said that we might have more survive but you never know.

The next call will be on Day 3 and I will post an update after.

Egg Retrieval

We did our retrieval today! It was pretty smooth but a bit painful after. I woke up feeling tired and very crampy. I thought I would be so hungry bc I was before the procedure but after I didn’t want food or anything. I just wanted my bed.

They retrieved 13 eggs but said that some were immature and some might be over mature. I have zero expectations. My husbands sperm came back slightly abnormal. I do not have warm fuzzy feelings about all this. I really want this to work because I don’t know if I can stim again and do the retrieval again. We will know more tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

My friend made me this awesome shirt and the socks were a gift from my cousin:


Almost there

I went back to the doctor on Saturday for a repeat sono and bloodwork. She measured 6 follicles on the left and 12 on the right. There were more but she was focusing on the biggest. My estradiol was at 1,500.

Fast forward to yesterday… another sono, bloodwork. Same follicles and definitely big enough to trigger. My estradiol came back at a little over 3,000. I took the first half of the trigger last night at 8:30 and I will take the second part this AM at 8:30 then head to the doctor for bloodwork and my pre op appt.

Egg retrieval is tomorrow and I am a little nervous but excited. My doctor is also calling in some pills for me to take since my estradiol is pretty high. She said they will help with my recovery. I am unsure of the name but I will find out and post it on here. We are doing a frozen transfer so after this I get a small break until my period starts up. I’ll let y’all know how the retrieval goes.